10 day detox

So those of you on my facebook know I started yesterday with the 10 day detox diet by Dr. Mark Hyman.  I was going thru 3 months of bedrest and High blood pressure issues months ago and decided after medication stabilization to slowly get back on my feet.  It is a long grueling process of frustation going slowly when you’re a type A person.  It’s hard to be nurse and patient at the same time to yourself.  I had wonderful friends and family that supported me thru all this, but I will say as  a nurse that people are well-meaning at times, but once the immediate crisis is over, they kind of forget about you.

Issues like high blood pressure are not like a broken leg or bleeding.  Medications can mask the problem and once you are taking them and up and about, people feel like you’re okay.  I’ve had to learn to draw lines when my emotions get high in a conversation and cut it short to let my mind and my thoughts rest.  I’ve learned to take more breaks to rest, read, get outside and learn there are limits to my energy.

So that being said, I started his program, after checking out the program on various blogs and such and found all comments were positive as his book claims.  They originally started this as a “Daniel Plan” based on scriptures of Daniel and his friends good health despite not partaking of King Nebuchanezzar’s delicacies.  The original study was at Saddleback Church and they lost 250,000 pounds.  Those who did it in groups, did better losing weight than those alone.  So my family and I are on our 10 day trek.  He has a balanced program of diet detox, exercise 30 min, supplements with vitamins and minerals, water, sleep and breathing exercises and journaling.

So here we go.

Physically feeling a little tired and mild headache which I napped for about 50  min and felt better. Dull headache last night and didn’t sleep well since my grandson came to bed with us.  We are using FitBit.  It is a bracelet that syncs with my computer to measure sleep habits, I log my food and water and it measures my activity and how close I am to weight goal.  We are enjoying competing.  My daughter and I have the FitBit Flex and my husband has the FitBit Charge.  We got them off Craigslist at about half price.  My husband was reluctant but is now enjoying it and ahead of us all in exercise goals…ugh!

I did find I had thoughts of wanting to get off and grab a chocolate bar or doubting that I want to eat like this forever.  10 days isn’t a lot and I know I will be adding pasta and grains slowly as he says, but it does not provide a lot of luxury to the palate.  After 24 hours, the serving of blackberries is awesome!  No sugars, no grains, no pastas, no dairy and lots of water and rest.  Tough, but we are going to make it.  It does reinforce that I am in control of my food more than I realized.  No craving as such, but this is 2nd day and beginning to miss bread.  I miss a good cup of coffee, although I had peach herbal tea this morning and do notice that I miss certain flavors, but new ones are a little more enhanced.  I push to get my 30 min of exercise early because the foot bath, journal and sleep requirement push my evening schedule a little.  I was definitely ready to sleep.  Didn’t sleep well, though.  So here I go.  Off to another day of detox.