So why is equality always being sought, fought for and obviously…denied?   How does one person or group end up in a position of inequality?   For there to be inequality, there must be a source of power, presumed or real, that exerts pressure on another person or group and denies privileges to those considered weaker.

The powerful have always found ways to present inequality by compromise or sheer domination of another.  We have seen it in history when women were not able to vote and men owned them and their rights to their fertility or children.  We have seen some sold into slavery in every culture when the need arose for a work force or to possess land or things perceived of value.  But the mere institution of any type of equality forces inequality on others.  If we protect the rights of the unborn then we invade the rights of women to their own body.  If we allow her to abort, we now violate the rights of the male in the relationship and higher morality.  If we attempt to elevate the less advantaged, either by color, gender, handicap, or sexual persuasion, then we are sure to impose inequality on those that are not as disadvantaged.  If we alleviate the burden on the poor, we also put burden on the rich.  Each opportunity toward equality produces inequality because each person or group seeks their own satisfaction and usually without concern for the other.

Now, is it possible to be equal to God?  It is not a question I think we ponder often.  God is God and we are His children.  This God, however, desires to offer us equality by making us His sons/daughters.  He sets the example for how He desires us to also lead our own lives.  To treat each other as equals, even though we are different genders, cultures, intellects, personalities but the only way to do so is to have the same mindset…the mind of the Anointed One.  Without Him as the foundation, equality is not possible.  Our ways are definitely not as high as His ways, but we can learn to walk with His kind of faith, compassion, and love.  He has humbled Himself to offer us an opportunity.  Yeshua has offered Himself to give us an opportunity to know what equality is like.  To be like a god, in His image and likeness.  What a privilege and what a responsibility.

If we yoke ourselves to the Father as His Son also did then we will also yoke to one another in love and equality will be perfected.  The highest form of equality is unity in Him.  He has chosen to treat us as equals, even though we are not equal.  Men and women are obvious different in strengths, temperaments, and weaknesses.  The two operating as one, as equals, are able to achieve power beyond any man has ever known.  Yeshua says we will do greater things, because He accomplished greater than any human who ever lived.  The created order establishes a connection between the One with greater power with those who have lesser power.  As long as we are connected to the source of that power, we will succeed.  The Father and Son are One but the Bride of Christ has not achieved her highest good.  The Isha, spiritual woman, is created t manifest the source of power she is connected to.  In the present age, we are limited due to perversion and distortion of the created order.  Each person has their place and they function like automatons in those roles… Men’s roles, women’s roles, Husband’s roles, Wives’ roles.  Unfortunately, these compartments boundary the creative side of the Father.  He linked them interdependently so each would need the other.  Not for one to dominate over the other or become subservient to the other.  Yeshua gave us His life that we might have more life, in abundance.  We substitute or overlay the world’s view of roles and diminish the power given to us to overcome what others find insurmountable.  Therefore, equality becomes a war that is never won.  It leaves those who call themselves spiritual in as bad a position as those who do not claim spirutality.  They fight for position, abuse power, submit and adjust to bad situations instead of adapt one to the other.  They stay together for the children and profess their love based on the years of marriage they have endured and yet somewhere inside they know their marriage is really one defined in word alone with a piece of paper that holds it together.  How sad.  How mundane.  Yet, everyday it continues and the inequality becomes more obvious.  Love is somehow lost in all this and yet love is the only cure for this disparity.  God’s love. The kind of love Yeshua demonstrated when He lay down His life. Men seem to forget they are to love as Christ loved the called out ones and He became a servant unto them.  Not fair? Definitely rare, but unfortunately so.  Men of God should look and act differently than the world.  And their women?  They are to adapt to the one who loves them…So, men..how does she look?  She adapted to you?  And if you are a spiritual woman then tell me what revelation you have received from the man you love that he received from Yeshua?  Are you receiving from him.  If so, then tell me in the intimate moments of your life, are you really receiving or only giving?  Are you only receiving, expecting him to do everything or are you also giving?

In the divinely created order, God gives and receives; His Son gives and receives and as a spiritual man receives the example and love of Yeshua, he will be able to give.  As the woman receives from the spiritual man, she will be able to give back and then God receives the glory due Him.  Think about it.  Look in the face of the One you love and tell me what you see.  Men…when is the last time you looked in her face and saw the love you give her reflected back?  How does it look?  And women, when was the last time you made love in the daylight, unafraid and unashamed, receiving all his adoration and time and thinking life couldn’t get better and almost unable to hold back the love you desire to return.  It is possible, it is Divinely created for the two of you…find it, cherish it and seek to make it beautiful.


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