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The Corruptor

Have you ever contemplated the Garden of Eden scenario and wondered what was really going on there?  The serpent must have been present as Adam was naming the animals but he doesn’t show himself until God fashions a woman from a part taken from within Adam.  And many ask why does he approach the woman and not the man?  I have seen most answers that the woman is more susceptible to tempTation and so he approaches her and will eventually bring down the man also.  I challenge that though.  God took extra effort to be personal and detailed in His creation of Chava (Eve).  She is originally created to be an ‘ezer kenegdo’.  In Hebrew, this means a helper suitable or counter to Adam.  The two are connected interdependently.  In today’s religious world and in the secular, however, we find women burdened with the responsibility of childbearing, housekeeping, physically fit, perfectly beautiful (of course, plastic surgery, botox and endless years of dieting, binging, purging, and exercise), career-minded, or homeschooling mother playing the teeter totter of balance between spirituality and practical matters and ending in an endless heap of weariness.  I do not believe this is what God intended.  She was created as an equal, able to face enemies as one unit and yet knowing that the man beside her has his ear to one who will teach him to love the way God loves; an ear to his Ish (spiritual source) and able to protect, nurture, heal, restore, and assist in the growth of the Isha (spiritual woman).  Look in the next few posts to come for further details about what defines a spiritual man and a spiritual woman. 

We will see how God prepared the couple for this battle; How the enemy knew how to intervene and perhaps how the couple fell apart amidst this enemy in their midst.  We have only to look into the world and see how marriages and relationships fail to see the clues to what originated in the Garden of Eden.  What is your perfect man? What is every woman looking for and every man hoping to be? Why don’t we see this kind of love and this kind of couple today? 


Bathed in the Word

I always wondered what the true meaning of being bathed in the Word encompassed and I believe I’m beginning to understand it.  There are many libraries filled with books and hospitals or counseling sessions overpacked with clients that remember the power of a bad word; Some include the power of a good word in changing a person’s life, but I believe the foundation all begins in the basic relationship that begins a family and extends itself into the world.

As a new believer I thought that bathed in the Word was me drowning myself in the Word of God and succeeding in giving an appropriate word to someone else in time of need; but truly, it is simpler than that and perhaps goes unnoticed.  I think the Father sets the example in creation by attending to every detail and as the Word reiterates that He, Yeshua, sustains all, upholds all of creation.  The word of a spiritual man is intended to surround and sanctify an environment for a spiritual woman to grow, to trust, and to learn about love.  In return, a spiritual woman gives a good word to build up and invest in the spirit of the one who has given her life by his word and the keeping of his word.

In the Word, a spiritual man is commanded to love a woman as Christ loves the church and as his own body.  Doesn’t seem too hard except that the spiritual man must have already received that love from Christ in order to give it to her.  He must truly love her from head to toe and declare it.  When was the last time, your man kissed your feet and it wasn’t because he wanted sex with you, but because he just adores you…your soul, your spirit, YOU!

Some would say that’s for young love or going too far, but I suggest that we don’t go far enough because we fear ridicule or judgement or we don’t know the love of Christ and therefore can’t really give anymore than what we already do.  We are stretched between responsibilities we have taken on in the world for the ones we love and truly taking the time to find out who they are and how to love them.  Is it possible to sit down believers and face the mirror of Christ and see if we are doing as He did?  Do we love like He loves? Hate what He hates; or do we make excuses for our failures, imperfections, weariness and give up the challenge of pressing toward the higher calling in Christ…to lay down our life for love?