Moments…Fragile, Memorable, Mine

There is a moment, when feeling all alone in the world…disconnected, that the touch of a hand intertwined in yours gives you the courage and hope to believe that it is possible to connect to something that will bring life. And there is a moment, in moments of despair that the world seems so dark and a voice on the phone line reaches out, bringing light to the darkness.

There’s a moment when a lullaby can become a blanket, a sanctuary, and two arms around you can ease the pain of years of being left behind, alone and fearful.
There’s a moment in trying to bring new life into the world when the fear that you won’t make it and that the burden is almost too overwhelming for words that you find a a voice, encouraging you that allows you to push beyond the pain and kiss the face of God as He ushers in new life.

There is a moment, when amidst fever and the aching of joints and trembling of muscles that the touch of a cool hand upon the forehead offers hope that there will be another day, a day of newness, life and promise that you will not lay in that bed.

There is a moment when you’re reading in the Word and His hand reaches out thru time and space and punctures a hole in the fabric and seizes upon your soul to protect, embrace and sanctuary you in the world.

There are many moments in our lives, but none greater than the moment that God decided that mankind could not bear the burden alone. The darkness of this world would overwhelm them so He provided a moment and sent help from above in the form of a man, who would know all those moments and who would live thru every moment and embrace the pain and suffering and loneliness, and frustrations, and the fears and anxieties and bear them all and by doing so, He would provide a future of moments, where we could touch the face of God and enter into His presence, now knowing that everyone of those moments was for good and every one of those moments, He was there.

And there’s a moment a soul cries out,because it realizes the love that was given to it, the opportunity to embrace the fullness of all that is life when a cry of bursts forth of pure joy that it is loved in such a way and from then on, no moment would be the same, no moment would overwhelm but in every moment, the solid peace within itself knowing, He would be there. He is there now…in this moment. Capture it, Gaze into this moment and remember its stillness, its peacefulness, the essence of pure Love.


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