New Look (short post)

For those of you following me, I didn’t want to confuse you. I changed my blog appearance. The top of the page is my first digital painting that I did for the beginning of my book on Intimacy: Face-to-Face with the Beloved. I will be reorganizing my blog site to make it more user-friendly, hopefully.

I will be presenting my view on the love story in Genesis, Chapter 1. It will be in an allegory form so bear with me as I attempt to write what I feel my Father has given me about how He first set the pattern of intimacy and pure love in the beginning. I will ask some questions along the way to see if I am making the story understandable. I would like to ask questions to get some honest answers to the material presented. Well, that’s the plan for now.

Posted a new tab on my blog called End Times. It was written by my recently deceased partner, Rick Mittelstedt, and he asked me to continue to attempt to publish it, so here I go. There are 10 parts to it and I will continue to add parts if there seems to be interest. Please feel free to share with your friends or family.

After nearly thirty years of study, research and archeological digs in the Middle East, Rick had come to some conclusions about what really happened in Eden. He realized many individuals consider the Genesis story a myth. However, even for the skeptical there may be some measure of truth embedded in the story that can explain the human condition in the modern world. The dualism of good and evil is universal and manifests itself in every conceivable creation of man.

We are also aware that the thoughts presented will collide with religious tradition and be controversial for many religious communities. But the discussion is worth the effort.

I am hoping to add the few paintings or drawings Rick was able to complete before his death under End of Days Artwork Tab.Perhaps they will stimulate discussions. I will attempt to add any pertinent explanations with the artwork that might give the viewer a better understanding of why the artist presented the composition he chose. The posts under the “What Really Happened in Eden” category will relate to the origin of man, the relationship between man and woman, and the consequences of the Eden story for men and women in the modern world. Hope to hear from you along the way.


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