Little Hands

I wanna hold your hand

Last night my little 3 year-old grandson lay down in bed with me and asked to hold my hand. It’s always amazing to me how healing that can be.

I asked him if he missed Papa Rick and he said,”Yes, Is he coming back?” I said, “No.” He replied, “Oh, sorry.” Such little words, but somehow I found I needed to hear it…sorry.

“Papa still in heaben?” “Yes, he’s still in heaven.” And I am still here, holding our grandson’s little hand, looking thru my upper picture window into the greyness. The moon is hiding behind the cloud cover and I dream that he is like me, searching thru the veil to find me.

I kiss my grandson, goodnight and fall asleep holding his little hands, special little hands.


4 thoughts on “Little Hands

    • I want to say, I am so honored you visited my blog. I have much work to do on it since my beloved has been taken home, but I hope to meet my promise and publish the things the Lord asked us to before I also return to our Father. It is a hard time, but God will light my path. Please look in the following weeks as I present more on God’s Love Story. It is an interesting perspective, at the very least. Thanks so much again.

      • You’re welcome, you write very well, my heart is sad for you because of the loss of your husband.

        Life can be very tough, the last 7 years of my life have been nothing but a struggle, nothing but endless pain & disappointment, but I am still here because God’s purpose isn’t done thru me,

        & you are still here because God’s purpose isn’t done thru you, you will finish everything that God wants you to do because God is determining your steps (Proverbs 16:9), halleluYah !

      • You bless my heart. Thank you for listening and corresponding with me tonight. It is great to meet another student of the word. I am never offended by comments, whether contrary to my own revelation thus far in the Lord and I appreciate courage in those who look to the Word for truth. Thank you again for your encouragement. I am struggling but I have experienced my Father’s mighty hand so many times in my life and I will persevere for I have not only been loved by the One who died for us all but by the one I loved and who imitated my first love in both speech and deed. I try to remember that every day in every memory that brings me to tears and in every fragment of life and light I see in His creation and in His Word and so also in His people. Thank you again.

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