Thank You

To all who are following me and liking me, thank you for making my day brighter, a little funnier (Eric), and not so lonely. I have been grieving now for 6 weeks the death of my beloved, my friend, my love, my teacher…well, my everything.

Today, I got a reply from a young lady online whose life seems a lot like many of us. Young, betrayed, in pain and lonely. So much to say on the outside but even more lying beneath on the inside…hidden away and hoping for the one who has the key to open the door and bring light. I’ve been there and now, I find myself with the door open and my beloved gone. The bed seems too big, the light too harsh and the sight of lovers in the city, or out to lunch just hurts and my heart begins to ache again.

I have used my blog recently as a place to stay busy and do the things we promised each other we would do together. I have found friendship in strangers who take the time to let me know they understand, or that they don’t know what to say but replied to let me know they appreciated my comments. I know many of you have used WordPress the same way. It’s a way to make this big, crazy and sometimes ugly world seem smaller, more intimate and connected.

So thank you for giving me a place, a sanctuary to come home to tonite. I saw a guy buying his girl some flowers at the grocery tonite and cried because my beloved will not be able to do that anymore, but coming home and getting such wonderful comments from all of you was the most beautiful bouquet. Thank you for reaching out, for your compliments, your challenges, and just sharing yourselves. I am blessed.


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