The Unsung Heroes: These links will give you a happy cry.

So tonite my daughter is showing You Tube Videos to make me cry. Hmm, I’ve done a lot of that lately. But I wanted others to go and watch. Here are the links to two of them by Thai Life Insurance , , .

If copying the links don’t work they are under youtube titles Thai Life Insurance Unsung Hero, Forget Me Not, and Marry Me.

So, I’m not sure who writes these commercials, but I am grateful that they help us remember those of us who are the unsung heroes or know of some unsung heroes. Unsung heroes enter and exit our lives and we never know their name, but may remember an act of kindness; Who doesn’t need that unexpected hug, visit, bouquet of flowers, cup of coffee or compliment?

A few days after my beloved died, I went to Office Depot to get some of his bible studies copied, and I was dealing with insurance on the phone and pretty much sobbing at the desk. The girl who rang me up at the register felt awkward, I’m sure, but she tried to help me get done quickly. As I was standing at the register, a young woman touched my back and as I turned to look at her, she said, “You’re hair is so beautiful!” She couldn’t know that was one of the things my beloved always said. Another shop owner who knows us was the first one to pray with me when I called and sobbed on the phone. She offered to come in early and meet me if I needed a friend to have a cup of coffee with. And just this week a neighbor offered to help me take the flat tire off my car (it has been stuck on the car for a month). We joked about how to tell my brother that I did it with a hammer and WD40. He still thinks I did it alone. That particular neighbor shared with me how he lost his best friend a year and half ago and how it still hurts when he thinks about him. He told me, amidst involuntary tears,”It’s because you loved him so much and that’s just okay.”

I wrote him an email today and thanked him for taking the time to help me and share with and encourage me. He allowed me to just be me. Didn’t tell me it would get better, he just let me cry and said, Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. The loss is always challenging, whether it be death or break-up. The heart doesn’t really want to accept loss, even when the brain tells it so.

So today, like in the the movie, “Pay It Forward“, give someone something unexpected without reward. Do unto the least of these in your life, whether they are your neighbor, friend, stranger,pet, or child. Just give some piece of yourself in kindness, compassion,and love.

I’ve been to so many churches where I heard the same comment, “No one ever did that before”. Many of these people had been in church a long time. I was a new believer then, but all I did was respond to the situation. If they were crying, I comforted; if they seemed a little down, I asked how they were; and if others mocked them, I encouraged them and at times dealt with the mockers. People who mock always feel more powerful, I guess, when another suffers.

I’ve been a defender of their victims almost all my life. Probably because of my upbringing as an Asian/Polack female. I had strikes against me in my own Korean subculture because I was female and opinionated and Polack jokes..need I say more. Being Asian and eating Asian wasn’t as cool as it is today. People can be cruel when you are different, and my Polish family pretty much disowned us. But somehow thru all the trials, the put downs, the beatings, I knew what my mama said in her broken English was true, “You special Shalee and people not like special”. And as I look back remembering the spit in my face, the rocks at my back, and the beatings at the hands of my own peers I hear the words of Tevya in “Fiddler on the Roof“…”I know we are the chosen people, but can you choose somebody else, sometime?”

Nope, He’s chosen those who have suffered to endure suffering and come to the aid of others. Those who are not so beautiful, not so smart, not so tall, and afraid, to find the courage to stand up when others run, to carry burdens as others walk by, and to continue to be faithful in a world that has forgotten its promises, commitments, perseverance and exchanged it for selfishness, betrayal and drive-thru relationships. Left behind is a flood of disillusioned, angry, broken-hearted and unfortunately, lost and lonely individuals.

His word says God uses the foolish things of the world to shame that which thinks it’s wise; and He has chosen the weak things of the world to shame which thinks itself strong,and the base things of the world and the despised God has chosen, the things that are not, so that He may nullify the things that are, so that no man may boast before God.


One who knows when I am weak, I am strong.


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