Love Abides (In Memory of My Beloved)

In the end, there were no words, no walk down memory lane of all that we shared and loved. Only a last embrace and your spirit surrendering its last breath to the Lifegiver.

Then the blinding dawn crept in, the beginning of another day, where love seemed but a whisper and time eroded into a slow motion of every day events that wound down to coveted sleep, only to awaken to an empty cold where once love covered me like sunrise over the mountain.

Perhaps you lingered as you passed between this world and the next. I prayed and yearned for the pressing of your kiss to my cheek, but found only another tear, seeking its way into hands clasped tightly in desperate hope that it was surely a dream and not the fulfillment of my greatest fear of being left alone again on my own

Love hoped for a better finish, a sweeter moment, when we could embrace entering home together, finishing the race stronger. Yet now, I find myself yearning for the love you gave that made life exciting, challenging, and precious. Your laughter, your smile and the fearless embrace of all we were created to be.

Memories erupt and I’m drowning in a pool of tears filled with disappointment, pain and impenetrable darkness that has no form but veils me like the caterpillar that inches along and weary finds itself within its cocoon…quiet and alone.

But beneath this veil, the smallest trickle of life beats and dreams of the days of flight ahead and the eventual landing on the hand of the Beloved who brought life, healing and love within my reach.  The journey was not long, but it was ours and it will continue for love has a life of its own and it will bear its beauty on the wings of a butterfly that will find its rest in the Hand that is awaiting its return.


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