The Kiss of Holiness: Echad

I am my Beloved’s and He is mine!

Love Remembers

fire man and womanTwo hearts, Two souls

Entwined together in the flame of Love that is never quenched.

Ignited by the power of the Spirit and compelled to press on, press in
Joined within an impenetrable embrace that protects from all powers and principalities, flesh and blood, or death and despair that attempt to trespass its boundaries.

This intimacy heightens and surpasses the senses—

breathing in the splendor of the other,

overwhelmed by the surpassing peace and comfort                                                                                                   man and woman embrace

within their private sanctuary,

sanctified by the Divine and

expressed in a wave of tenderness,

in which time is unbound, Spirit unrestrained

and crowned with the gentleness of the lover’s kiss.

Illuminated within this embrace, hovers the witness to Love becoming One, the One who receives the glory for

                                              loving when we are not lovely,

                                              weeping when we are not with Him,

                                              and rejoicing when we return—

The Bride within the arms…

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