Who Will Be…Courageous?

Be Different, Love Differently, Find Life!

Love Remembers

Watched the new movie, “Courageous” on DVD tonight with a friend.  Good inspiration and unfortunately a truth that many will ignore after the credits close.  It’s always easier to see others lives portrayed before us and distance our own responsibility to those we love and the One we refuse to realize loves us.  Many men will probably not watch this drama because there’s not a lot of special effects or violence or sex…just simple every life. 

But I realized as I sat watching with my family that each of us understood the pain of being fatherless; I was to experience divorce in the early 70’s and the judgement of other kid’s parents who saw my mother as some loose, swinging single when she was really an illiterate, hard-working, abused woman who was too proud to take a hand out of any kind and too proud to let even me know…

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