Why do we follow?

Elections are coming soon and everyone’s beginning to divide into groups, but why?  I know there is good and evil that will be accomplished on both sides but I can’t help but recall a scripture in I Corinthians 3:3..”for you are still fleshly. For since there is jealousy and strife among you, are you not fleshly, and are you not walking like mere men? ”

Perhaps it is apathy or perhaps a renewed sense of what is important and what is not so important that drives me to write today.  Each one follows their own conscience, but maybe it is not based on the One we are supposed to follow, but instead on the one(s) we follow right now.

I am not arguing whether it is right to vote or not, but do we really know those we are giving our vote to or do we just know what they say right now, and we agree for that moment to follow.  Does it make us ‘feel’ more powerful when we are a part of a group, particularly the group slated to win?

I went through my blog roll and read a post, “Arise” on Beautiful Life with Cancer.  I felt like that today…clawing my way from underground, looking for the Light…not just light that makes me know there is darkness but Light that pushes away the darkness.

My mindset today has definitely been one of grieving.  Having lost my beloved almost 4 months ago, I look for hope, for someone with a Word of encouragement, and earlier today, I only found blogs, not on WordPress, but Hubpages that just seem to present knowledge, a viewpoint, but in the comments, I see strife.

Forgive my naivete.  I know there are all kinds of bloggers out there.  I know my own blog will probably be labeled crazy by someone one day, too.  I will persevere as I know others do, truly hoping someone sees what my Father has given me and that it is intended in love.  But, all I found today was knowledge and it grieved me.  I have my own opinions and they are just that…mine, but I wasted about 2 hours reading the bantering exchange of people claiming they had this greater knowledge of God and yet bowing low to subtly, yet scholastically, tear down the beliefs of another (stupid me, waste of time).

Many of us have beliefs and they are just that if they do not affect the world in a better way, a positive way.  Peeling back the curtain that veils us can be painful, but I’m not sure it serves well to leave others naked and “ashamed”.  Where is LOVE?  I am sure it is still here, for God is still here.

Please tell me Father that there are those content to praise You for life and leave the judgment to You.  The blog I was reading wasn’t as bad as some I have seen…all believing in the same God, but forgiveness seemed to be lacking.  The fact that all are learning is good but perhaps they have forgotten how gentle God was to lead us into His truth; sometimes, God’s revelation is only for you and not to be shared with others.  Sometimes a blog announces that the author is using it as a vehicle to express themselves and I believe that is good; my hope is that in expressing itself, it does not encourage differences to breed hatred and division by proclaiming I’m better, been here longer and you …are…not.

I’m not saying I think everyone can live in harmony, but my heart truly grieves to see how the world grows so dark at times and darkness seems to cover.We partake of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but never finding wisdom.  Like a drowning man, all looking for a way out of a bad place and willing to climb over and push down anything just to keep ourselves on the top of the water.  Anyone willing to lay down their life, their opinion, their right to be right and just love someone? Not because they are lovely, not because they believe as we do, and not because they deserve it but purely because God saw fit to give them life and as a vessel of His love. I am greater and He in me is greater, when I choose to pray for others and pray for myself when I do not understand how a Father continues to love such selfish, broken vessels as I am and see in my world daily.

So Caroline, if you read this, thank you for the gift of sharing yourself, your weaknesses, your strength in Him and inspire hope in a world that seems to prefer living underground than in the light.  May there continue to be those who are pure and full of light in such a dark time as we are living in.  Thank you.  Someone….please, stand up and let me know you follow the One who has always loved and still resurrects broken, lost souls today!  Keep going you precious ones who fight for life today, through afflictions, persecutions, and feeling like myself today…alone.  I know He has others out there…so let me hear your voice.


2 thoughts on “Why do we follow?

    • Caroline,
      I can’t speak words that would tell you how I felt when I opened your comment. I have felt so alone lately and it was nice to hear such simple, but precious words. Thank you!

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