Dirty Hands

This year Colorado is unusually warm and without it’s blanket of snow.  I am closing down my solarium for the season but a few plants continue to peak out new buds despite the brevity of sun and cooler temperatures in the mountains.  Many containers are now empty, having their dirt emptied and retired to the shelf for next year.  I will never cease to be amazed at how a plant will literally twist itself toward whatever light it can find.

They all reach upward, seeking that source of powerful energy that will ensure a future for them.  I will miss the aroma of fresh earth as I place it around a sprig of green and watch it come forth.  Some are in pots now, bulbs holding an invisible power that will erupt amidst the snow of spring and promise a colorful rainbow of purples, yellows, and pinks with a veil of icy white powder sprinkled over the earth.

So as the time for planting has passed and my solarium seems spacious and yet empty, I will await the promise of new life with each passing day as the nights will grow shorter and the earth will begin to breathe slowly, deeply, until life awakens within her.

Just watching one of those Christmas movies on the Inspiration channel, the Christmas Tree, and the nun says to the man too busy to stop and smell the roses….”Just hug the tree!” He pauses, hugs it and feels something.  She explains it as, God.  And so as I walk amidst this mountainous beauty, I will stop to hug one of my trees and breathe in the essence of life.  Life connected and grounded and strong.  Winter may be approaching, but we can still stop and smell the roses, hug the trees, and take a walk in the snow and breathe in deeply as we feel the warmth of sunshine upon us!


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