The Beauty of the Broken Place

Can there be beauty in the broken place?  I believe so for it calls for healing and for the One who is the Healer.  In the body, a break in the barrier of the skin’s protective layer signals an immediate call among the line of defense that sends warriors willing to lay down their lives by engulfing any invaders within themselves and exploding, thereby destroying the enemy and themselves.  Broken places also leave voids to be filled that we might not have allowed in our lives before.  Like the broken pieces in a kaleidoscope colliding together but thru the right lens, creating ever-changing beauty.

It was out of the broken place that God pulled Adam’s soul mate.  It is out of the broken placenta that life will emerge; fragile and hopeful..  It is out of the broken tomb that Christ arose and out a broken world that life still finds its way through the cracks left by those who take and rob and destroy.

It is why Yeshua came in the flesh, died, and rose again… to fix that which was broken.  Broken hearts, broken spirits, broken relationships, broken…people.

There will always be those who prey upon the innocence of others, upon their kindness, and use the God-given talents of others to make themselves higher.  BUT, there will also be those who choose to give kindness, love, and give their gifts to make the life of another a little bit brighter.

They are the ones who enter in when the arguments and beatings of others enrage them and they stand on the side of what is right, not what will gain political power for another.  The powers that be will always seek to turn us on one another so we do not see what they are really doing…division.  Division allows one to fight the other, to appear smarter, wiser, healthier, prettier, richer and better than another even when the opposite is true. They rob us of our power to give and place us in a frenzy of taking that is never satisfied.  They love the broken and profit in its pieces.

I went to see “Woman in Gold” this week and truly enjoyed seeing the “little guys” finally win.  But as the main character states, ” I thought it would somehow make things better” but it didn’t.  Evil men and women will always attempt to weary the ones doing good but perseverance pays off. It may not seem to reap today, but one day it will.

In the movie, the Nazi’s took over Austria and stole riches from those they believed to be not worthy of such things and referred to them as thieves of the motherland, but the real thief was themselves and those who stood idly by and allowed it.  Real thieves are always good at identifying or labeling another like themselves and they are believable, but if we are able to lay down the things that really don’t matter and lift up the things that bring life, we will see.

We will be broken, pushed down, and humiliated by those who find their courage in words and accusations and gather followings of weak people who need to feel empowered.  But sometimes, in the breaking, something else is broken that releases an inner power, we were unaware of…LOVE.

No not the mushy, romantic love movies portray but the kind of love that makes us persevere under trial and rise up when others push in to take and break.  This love does not find its motivation in hatemongers and division and does not also believe that toleration of social norms is meant to silence its voice.  This love speaks in its actions, its gentleness and at times its motherly outrage over the oppression of the weakest ones.

Light did not enter into the world, but broke thru the darkness of barrenness and filled the void left by the scars of a war fought without hands and filled it with its warmth, its brilliance so that we could see into the dark places and grow and encourage others to grow.

This light broke forth mighty waters, life that appeared dormant beneath a blank landscape and the broke off a part of itself to give life.  A seed that if allowed to grow would dominate the earth with its luminescence.  It gave its first born to tend to its creation, protect it and nurture it.

All this so that we would know who He is.  He broke His own heart to bring His children back to Himself and requested that which was closest to His heart to do the same.  And there was always one present who was a master at broken promises, broken hearts, broken spirits who would seek to aggravate the break between God and His creation.  But one day, his neck will be broken, too.  The first blows have already begun.

So when you sit down today and rest (I know, impossible right?).  When your broken body aches from toiling in the world, and your broken spirit just wants to pull the blanket over its head and weep, know that the One who keeps all your tears in a bottle is coming and desiring to reveal Himself in this brokenness and He will.

It does not mean the aches and pains will cease or the heart will not continue to have moments of grief, but He has a greater plan at work. Be patient and wait for He is near to the broken…hearted.

If we can ever break free of this flesh tabernacle we dwell within, then the spirit can rise up and seek its source of true life.  Let us run the race unencumbered by the flesh with all its emotions, reactions and will.  We can choose to break that habit and run freely in a world where so many are handcuffed to job, alliances, habitual choices that do not reap good.  Let us choose more wisely.


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