Was watching a Joyce Meyer program this morning with Beth Moore.  I remember my best friend attending her studies at church before many knew about her in Christian circles.  I went to look online and see what new  bible studies she had out and the blog I googled in on was blasting back and  forth on her scriptural accuracy (no examples were given), the audacity of having her name on her business and not her husband’s (I don’t know, does it legitimize it more to have a man’s name on a business or can he be a silent partner?), and the fact that she gave back the baby she adopted from one of her relatives after 7 years of struggling to care for him.  They accuse her of not being forthright or transparent enough with the public, seeing that she is a teacher of the Word and held doubly accountable for her teaching and preaching.  They stated she is too emotional and dynamic and alluded to reasons why as being that she had something to hide.

Perhaps after years of ministry in the church and teaching both in the professional nursing world and bible studies, I find that people feel like they have the right to inspect others whom they do not know personally.  There were a few on the above blog that did come back with the comment that it all sounded like a bunch of gossip and I agree.  Accuracy and integrity are important as a teacher, but reading someone’s book or hearing a slip of news in the media really doesn’t provide an accurate nor moral viewpoint as to a person’s character.  There are some things you can learn over time with someone and more that you can learn when you actually walk with them, pray with them, cry with them and perhaps, at times, discipline them.

I am sure Beth is used to being in the public eye by now, but perhaps others forget.  Those who serve, love, persevere in a church, family, business and find success, at times are still people.  They are daughters, sons, husbands, friends, and sometimes unfortunately, imposters.  I have facilitated a few of her studies and she is dynamic, emotional, but also passionate about her beliefs and sincere and honest.  She, as a woman, is able and eager to share with her sisters and embrace their pain as well as open herself to the vulnerability it takes to speak to others about what most of us think we can hide inside…pain.  She balances it with her love for the One, who healed her and continues to encourage and lead her and the One she holds herself accountable to, her Father and Savior.

There are always things in scripture, we can debate but the manner in which we do so should also demonstrate love and respect for God’s creations of man in His image and likeness.  It serves no good to call out possible inaccuracies in character or teaching if you have to break the same Word you are holding them accountable for.  Love is most important and yet somehow it is forgotten in the name of defending God…as if He needs defending.  We are His Witnesses and I believe we must be able to ask the difficult questions regarding truth, but we must also make sure we do not work for the adversary and condemn our own brethren.  Go in private to them first, but that would require a relationship with the person and I don’t think sitting under someone’s teaching, reading their book or going to their church can give a totally accurate picture of the person.  We also will be held accountable for every word proceeding out of our own mouths and if we concern ourselves with that, we might not have time to sit in judgement of others so eagerly.

Sharing experiences, good and bad, can be helpful to us all, but sometimes we must have the courage to find out for ourselves when opportunities arise for learning.  Many cried out in the crowd, “Crucify Him!” and they killed the innocent One who came to save them.

So I leave with a few words from Matthew 5:

9:Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called children of God.

10Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

11Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake: 12Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in heaven. For so they persecuted the prophets that were before you.

Who Are You…..Cinderella?

First podcast.  Would like your comments or any ideas it stirs up.  The beginnings of God’s love story…It’s a peek into how He made us and what we’re looking for as women.

Husband and Wife (Ish & Isha): Spiritual, Religious, or Secular?

Paul states in I Tim 3:15 that he is writing so that we should know how to conduct or bind ourselves in the (or to the ) dwelling of God, the called out ones of the living God, the pillar (support) and steadfast (immovable) truth.

It is with this mindset, I begin the task to provide revelation given to me into the mystery of the spiritual union of man and woman.  I will refer to them in the Hebrew terms, ish (man) and isha (woman).

It is evident in the secular world as well as the ‘religious’ world that the union of a man and a woman in the context of marriage forms a oneness; in the religious realm, it seems to be assumed that if the two partners in marriage claim spirituality then they are entering into a blessing by God of their union. How misguided we are in this ignorant assumption. It is evidenced by the divorce rate in both the secular and religious that there is a lack of wisdom regarding this “sacrament of marriage”.

Two religious partners do not guarantee a spiritual union.

Many times we enter into marriage with good intentions only to find that we are not in agreement or understanding of what those intentions are. Our definitions or understanding of “love” are not defined biblically, and it is assumed sufficient when the years pass and the union is deemed successful by the passing of those years; but, quantity does not equal quality in our spiritual walk or the union of two in marriage. 

So the strength of the union is rated quite shallowly on the appearances of holiness, but lacking the power of the Spirit of Holiness. Often, there is a lack of passion in both partners in their love for the Lord and how that love is to be manifested in the relationship. Women are taught to be receivers only and ride in the wake of the man whose authority they are under.

The evidence is manifested in ‘ministries’ and churches or synagogues where women are seemingly content with staying in the back behind the curtain or serving in areas where religious men are content in the structure where women work and men organize and manage the affairs of the community of God.

In this book, we will explore the validity of the traditional structure of the religious communities of our time and the potential that we are mirroring the philosophy of the world around us and sacrificing the unity of God’s fullest potential in our deception and ignorance. We have accepted the status quo of the religious systems of our time without question and in turn, although perhaps ignorantly, oppressed the greatest manifestation of God’s glory.

This is a journey not unlike many others in history; one that will challenge the norm, ripple the pond of tradition, and perhaps cause emotions to stir to a flame. As a follower of the Messiah of truth, I feel that there can be no compromise when truth is at stake. You, as a reader, may challenge these revelations but even in doing so, truth will resound; and perhaps, in some, that still small voice will be stirred and a hidden treasure revealed that causes them to rejoice in what God originally intended for His Beloved.

Surveying the present and past opinions, literature, and information of biblical scholarship today, from the novice to the scholar, it seems there is a void of information on what the definition of a spiritual man and woman, ish and isha, truly are. To some these terms are foreign; to others, common. There is limited discussion of these roles, in regard to their original etymylogical structure, and modern use in the Hebrew language, but the references are rarely indulged fully beyond a general mention. Portions are mentioned in the Kabbalah, biblical dictionaries, and works on gender roles within the “church” or bible or Torah. The concepts of what the ish and isha represent are expounded upon but limited in their perspective of portraying these vessels by their gender only, respectively. My belief is that the simple literal revelations may be veiling a deeper revelation of something that is foundational to the One who created us in Love, with love and out of love. So we begin with the revelation of the ish/isha and the mystery of this union in the body of Christ as it was in the beginning.

We are to be the proclamation of immovable truth by how we live within the house of God.  The called out ones,”ekklesia”, are the dwelling of God and His truth is the pillar by which we are able to stand steadfast.

We are commanded to live without wrath (coveting) and dissension (debate) but to nurture and cherish those whom we are given the responsibility to nurture.   The word nurturing embraces the picture of nursing a newborn. A newborn is not able to obtain its own food, but it is provided by the one who nurses it. Paul uses this term when referring to how to raise our children in the admonition of the Lord and in the way a husband should behave toward his wife as his own body, not persecuting it, but cherishing (maturing) and nurturing (fostering) its growth. Paul makes the logical assumption that since the man would do this for himself, he would extend the practice of that teaching to the wife he has joined himself to in the same manner.

In an encounter with the Pharisees on divorce, Yeshua states that in the beginning, He who created them made them male and female and that is why the man leaves his mother and father and the two become one flesh. He reiterates they are no longer two, but one flesh, “basar echad”. They are as the Body of Christ, the anointing, a unified being in the flesh, echad (unity)…one heart, one mind, one spirit, one baptism, one forgiveness, one Lord.

The Heart of a Lover

How does a heart grow? For with every beat it paces itself even closer to its own end. At times, it races and strengthens the force with which it will drive the vessel forward, within which it lives. At others, it slows to such a stillness that it is almost imperceptible; when pain and suffering encroach upon its borders and leave the gasp of a heart desiring to beat but bound tightly in an unmerciful grasp that left to its own devices will succeed in crushing the spirit of an individual and ultimately, its spirit of life.

But a heart is an unbelievable organ that possesses self-protective mechanisms that allow it a dimension of life that cause the mind to marvel. Its fibers appear to work in unity but possess the capability to function as individuals should an event occur that necessitates the intercession of this ability.

There exists a heart that cannot be held with human hands but can be seen and heard with more resonance than that which beats within the human body. It can behold great aspirations and hope for great things not yet manifested in the physical.  Perseverance is fed by it, and it can surpass even death in its eternal ability to inspire others, who will duplicate its energy and provide encouragement.

It is this that cannot be seen that enables the physical organ to override the broken parts closed or barely flowing due to the excesses of life, physical and emotional. The spiritual enlarges it borders beyond what man and technology find possible to restore. The heart that cannot be seen and yet gives more life than its physical component and will produce effects that are more enduring.   It is with this heart that we love, grow, inspire, persevere and hope. The heart that will await patiently that which it has hoped for, endure great measures of pain for a moment of love and fade like smoke in the wind if not nurtured by even the smallest measure.

It is with this kind of heart that I wait upon the Lord. It is this heart He seeks…that will wait, hope, persevere and love as He loves; see as He sees and hear His voice when it is but the faintest whisper within; it’s desire for that which gives it life is insatiable and yet simultaneously content with what God has given. I must hold this heart within myself and while waiting love, laugh, cry, breathe, hope, dream, and endure. But my heart is only half full, for it beats with another’s that makes its joy full, its hopes fulfilled, its breath deep, and its love fresh and renewing; it is in cleaving to this heart, I am made complete. It is the one I was fashioned from within and his heart completes my own and to him I return the heart of love he built and perfected.  Freely, I give it.

The Kiss of Holiness: Echad

I am my Beloved’s and He is mine!

Love Remembers

fire man and womanTwo hearts, Two souls

Entwined together in the flame of Love that is never quenched.

Ignited by the power of the Spirit and compelled to press on, press in
Joined within an impenetrable embrace that protects from all powers and principalities, flesh and blood, or death and despair that attempt to trespass its boundaries.

This intimacy heightens and surpasses the senses—

breathing in the splendor of the other,

overwhelmed by the surpassing peace and comfort                                                                                                   man and woman embrace

within their private sanctuary,

sanctified by the Divine and

expressed in a wave of tenderness,

in which time is unbound, Spirit unrestrained

and crowned with the gentleness of the lover’s kiss.

Illuminated within this embrace, hovers the witness to Love becoming One, the One who receives the glory for

                                              loving when we are not lovely,

                                              weeping when we are not with Him,

                                              and rejoicing when we return—

The Bride within the arms…

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A Bad Answer is Worse than No Answer: Kephale and Authority 1

The Jawbone Of an Ass

Recently I was introduced to a rather long article by Wayne Grudem on the meaning of the Greek word κεφαλη (kephale), which means “head”, in the instances when it doesn’t refer to someone’s actual head.  This might sound terribly boring (I will footnote the more technical aspects below the cut) but it has a lot of relevance for any discussion of women in the Bible since there are two oft-quoted verses that state that men or husbands are the heads of their wives (1 Corinthians 11:3, Ephesians 5:23).  Besides this, there are two additional useful things this article can remind us of.

The first thing I would like to do is invite you to read the article, or at least from page 10 of the PDF on.  It’s long and so if you decide not to read it I understand but you’re going to have to trust…

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Update on Mystery of Intimacy

Look under God’s Love Story for a study that helps to define how God sees the true intimate love relationship between man and woman. I will write a series after it that will begin in Genesis 1 and demonstrate how God set the pattern on how to LOVE INTIMATELY and that His Son, Yeshua, will also demonstrate and that we. as spiritual men and women, have possibly been ignorant of by following our cultural understanding of how a “marriage” should be. It is my conviction that those who have a desire to seek may find answers to the question of why those of us who claim to be spiritual are struggling as the world does with divorce, broken relationships, and unnecessary suffering.\

John 15:13: Greater LOVE has no man than this, that to lay down his life for a friend.

Woman was created to be loved, not lusted after and Men were created to be the ones to Love her. Man was created to be trusted, but women are finding that an impossible endeavor because of so many broken relationships. Women lay down their bodies hoping to find a special love from one man, however, prior experiences make it challenging for the “right” one who comes later in their lives and so women continue to lay down their hearts and rise up only to be broken again. Unfortunately, men pay a price in this too and the women they meet are not able to receive love and so the cycle continues. Who pays?

In the end, God pays. His love is not made full in this cycle of pain. Disillusioned, we either adapt to the status quo or end up lonely, alone, and ignorant to the fact that God’s desire for love was greater. He wanted more for all of us. He still does.

So join me as I take this journey of love. It is not a journey meant to point the finger at any particular gender. The enemy of both spiritual men and women is still ever present. If we keep that in mind, perhaps, we can learn to love greater than we have before. God made us physical, emotional, intellectual, sexual and spiritual beings with a choice. Let us see if we are making our own choices or following the crowd of victims in the endless cycle of pain.