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Great Author: James Owen from Coppervale Studios

Didn’t know how to link this, but I subscribe to James Owen and am reading his Meditations Series. It is really inspiring and I would recommend it to all.  I personally met him in Salt Lake City at a ComicCon and he is truly a sensitive, intuitive writer who shares some life-changing ideas in his writing.  So check him out on Facebook or his website.  The writing below is from his email subscription:  The Signal. It’s free so go take a look.

The difficult I’ll do right now. The impossible will take a little while.” — Billie Holiday.

Sometimes, the reason impossible takes a little while is because you’re going to make mistakes. Others will see it, and to them, the mistakes — especially the epic ones — are proof that whatever it is is clearly impossible, and your continuous efforts as evidence you are clearly bonkers. Sometimes, it seems the reverses you encounter and the obstacles in your way are utterly insurmountable. And it is in those moments where there is only one thing that can redeem all of your failures and make the impossible achievable: your belief that it is.

If you believe, and keep striving to progress, then miracles become possible. The impossible is only impossible until it happens — at which point it seems to have been inevitable, to everyone. Believing in something when it’s all going swimmingly is easy. It’s no burden to be optimistic when there are no obstacles in front of you. But being optimistic and hoping and believing when everything seems to be crashing around your ears is when it matters most.

Fear and faith require the same effort: belief in something that’s possible. But you can only believe in one of them at a time. Which you choose is what will determine whether your future is one of miracles, or of missed opportunities and regret. And it is never too late to choose to believe in miracles.

— James A. Owen


Fear: I pushed the button to publish

Okay, so my last blog called, “Left Behind” just published and I could feel the air leave my lungs. Anyone else ever written and then heard the muffled voices of laughter and mocking as you sent it out to the web, knowing that these people don’t really know you and now they will judge you. Well, I’m there.

But maybe someone will log on tonight and understand what it is to feel left behind. It’s like making the discovery of the first light bulb but finding yourself in line back to buying candles because they turned the electricity off at your home.

My mind knows he’s gone, but my spirit is still connected to him. My heart hurts all the time and there’s this anxiety beneath my skin that keeps looking for a place to scream, but finding no escape.

I drive in my car or sit in my driveway and just sing or scream or cry as loud as I can because no one can hear me. No one can judge me for not moving on, for not being strong, for needing my best friend, my love, my darling to tell me it’s going to be okay.

So be merciful in your comments but do comment, please. It’s lonely in here and I need a few friends to offer a hand to hold. A kindred spirit that knows what it feels like when all has gone dark and everyone sleeps but I…just…weep. So weary, so very weary of going on alone.