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Why do we follow?

Elections are coming soon and everyone’s beginning to divide into groups, but why?  I know there is good and evil that will be accomplished on both sides but I can’t help but recall a scripture in I Corinthians 3:3..”for you are still fleshly. For since there is jealousy and strife among you, are you not fleshly, and are you not walking like mere men? ”

Perhaps it is apathy or perhaps a renewed sense of what is important and what is not so important that drives me to write today.  Each one follows their own conscience, but maybe it is not based on the One we are supposed to follow, but instead on the one(s) we follow right now.

I am not arguing whether it is right to vote or not, but do we really know those we are giving our vote to or do we just know what they say right now, and we agree for that moment to follow.  Does it make us ‘feel’ more powerful when we are a part of a group, particularly the group slated to win?

I went through my blog roll and read a post, “Arise” on Beautiful Life with Cancer.  I felt like that today…clawing my way from underground, looking for the Light…not just light that makes me know there is darkness but Light that pushes away the darkness.

My mindset today has definitely been one of grieving.  Having lost my beloved almost 4 months ago, I look for hope, for someone with a Word of encouragement, and earlier today, I only found blogs, not on WordPress, but Hubpages that just seem to present knowledge, a viewpoint, but in the comments, I see strife.

Forgive my naivete.  I know there are all kinds of bloggers out there.  I know my own blog will probably be labeled crazy by someone one day, too.  I will persevere as I know others do, truly hoping someone sees what my Father has given me and that it is intended in love.  But, all I found today was knowledge and it grieved me.  I have my own opinions and they are just that…mine, but I wasted about 2 hours reading the bantering exchange of people claiming they had this greater knowledge of God and yet bowing low to subtly, yet scholastically, tear down the beliefs of another (stupid me, waste of time).

Many of us have beliefs and they are just that if they do not affect the world in a better way, a positive way.  Peeling back the curtain that veils us can be painful, but I’m not sure it serves well to leave others naked and “ashamed”.  Where is LOVE?  I am sure it is still here, for God is still here.

Please tell me Father that there are those content to praise You for life and leave the judgment to You.  The blog I was reading wasn’t as bad as some I have seen…all believing in the same God, but forgiveness seemed to be lacking.  The fact that all are learning is good but perhaps they have forgotten how gentle God was to lead us into His truth; sometimes, God’s revelation is only for you and not to be shared with others.  Sometimes a blog announces that the author is using it as a vehicle to express themselves and I believe that is good; my hope is that in expressing itself, it does not encourage differences to breed hatred and division by proclaiming I’m better, been here longer and you …are…not.

I’m not saying I think everyone can live in harmony, but my heart truly grieves to see how the world grows so dark at times and darkness seems to cover.We partake of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but never finding wisdom.  Like a drowning man, all looking for a way out of a bad place and willing to climb over and push down anything just to keep ourselves on the top of the water.  Anyone willing to lay down their life, their opinion, their right to be right and just love someone? Not because they are lovely, not because they believe as we do, and not because they deserve it but purely because God saw fit to give them life and as a vessel of His love. I am greater and He in me is greater, when I choose to pray for others and pray for myself when I do not understand how a Father continues to love such selfish, broken vessels as I am and see in my world daily.

So Caroline, if you read this, thank you for the gift of sharing yourself, your weaknesses, your strength in Him and inspire hope in a world that seems to prefer living underground than in the light.  May there continue to be those who are pure and full of light in such a dark time as we are living in.  Thank you.  Someone….please, stand up and let me know you follow the One who has always loved and still resurrects broken, lost souls today!  Keep going you precious ones who fight for life today, through afflictions, persecutions, and feeling like myself today…alone.  I know He has others out there…so let me hear your voice.

New Bible Study Added: Ephesians: The Mystery of the Anointing (Tired of Duality?)

Haven’t finished adding all parts of the Ephesians study.  Will add 5 more parts tomorrow hopefully.  Take a look. I think you’ll like it.  It’s a more practical study than the End of Days and may be more applicable to some of my readers.  Let me know what you think and enjoy.

Be Still…and Know

Be still and know that I am God

These past few months, with the loss of my beloved, I keep searching for the wisdom of God in the loss of life.  I have been in the Lord for 24 years and He has always been faithful to speak when it’s important.  My heart is still in a broken place, even though my spirit, perseveres.

So yesterday, I returned to an old favorite scripture.  My knowledge of Hebrew was not was it is now and so I found a new perspective in the letters I saw with new yes yesterday.  The Hebrew word, for ‘be still’ is “rapha”.  Rapha is one of the covenant names of God, Jehovah Rophe, the one who Heals.  It reads in the literal like this:  the healing or be healed, be purified or complete but can also appear to have the opposite meaning, to be sunken down, powerless…in need of healing.

Perhaps, the rest of the verse will lend some insight.  Be still, and KNOW…this word know in Hebrew is ‘yada’. It is used in knowing someone, but this knowing is a deeper knowing of intimacy, sexually.  Knowing and experiencing with another a connection that supersedes the physical, perhaps.  Be still and know that I AM GOD.  He uses his name Elohim here. The strong, mighty plurality of God.

So let me offer the possibility that He KNOWS you both in your weak, powerless moments of life and that He will complete, heal and purify you because He is a God not too mighty to reach down and touch you, love you, remember you.

I was a nurse for years and my kids would tell you that unless you were broken or bleeding to death, you were going to get a butterfly bandage and all would be okay, as far as I was concerned.  But I remember, always saying these words, “Be Still!”  or “Hold Still!” while I bandaged them up.  I knew if they kept moving, they would injure themselves worse and make it harder for me to finish what I needed to so that they could go on and play and stop hurting.  They would ask me other times, “Is it gonna hurt?”  I said, “I’m going to make it better, but if you don’t be still I can’t finish making it better.”

God may seem slow, but really He’s patient.  So today, be still and wait for the healing that is coming.  He knows it hurts, but if you’ll rest in being powerless and let the One is all Powerful take over, life will be better.  Whether it be a broken heart, a broken spirit, a broken body, or a broken down car…He is there beside you…wait…be still and you will know Him better and that He is a God that will be active in your life and He will prove Himself trustworthy and take His rightful place in your life, lifted up and praised for His goodness and strength.  So…Be still…the Healer is doing His work! You can participate in Your own Healing today by Being Still.

Be still and know that I am God

The Seed of Promise

PIC_4635Beneath the ground, a seed of promise

Seems dormant from above

But God beholds what we cannot

A Covenant of Love.

A baby boy, the first-born Son, begotten of the Father

A promise veiled in humanity

His excellent vessel of honor

Yet long ago, they spoke of Him

In fathers and in prophets,

By faith, they followed Yahweh’s hand

Though none would see His promise.

The One who from creation knew the Father’s plan so well

For the Son is heir of all He holds

And upholds them in His power.

All things to Him subjected

For His name more excellent than they

For a moment took a place below

To purge our sins and pay

With a one-time sacrifice of blood

An eternal priest appointed

At the Father’s right hand intercedes

With salvation, we’re anointed!

In these last days, God has spoken

In His Son, the King of Peace

Through the word of all His witnesses

that His Word it would not cease.

So listen, brethren, to His Spirit

The seed of  promise, now indwelling

And draw near, hold fast to Yeshua

For our Lord is soon returning!

And His Kingdom reigns in  righteousness

Forever will it stand

And those first-born in Christ Yeshua,

Will rest forever in His Hand.

I wrote this while taking a class in the book of Hebrews.  It would inspire me that today is the day we should remember and enter into His rest.  He desires to be with us.  Offerings of days, money, festivals are fine but time with the One we love and who loves us…priceless.  For someone who has known a lot of loneliness early in life, I found such joy in knowing that God was there, even when evil men continue in their ways and self-righteous ones brag about their good deeds; He just loves.  He loves those He created and is constantly looking for ways to support the hearts of those who belong to Him.  Praise Him, the Giver of Life.  I wasn’t looking for someone to save me but perhaps I was looking for someone to love me and that seems to also answer the unspoken request of saving someone.  He offers, we choose.  I seek and I find and find my reason for living and for life in Him.

So while it is still today; while it is still possible…enter into His rest and lay within the arms of the lover of your soul; the one whose hearts beats to see you smile, to rejoice, to know Him in all His ways.  You will not be disappointed.

Update on Mystery of Intimacy

Look under God’s Love Story for a study that helps to define how God sees the true intimate love relationship between man and woman. I will write a series after it that will begin in Genesis 1 and demonstrate how God set the pattern on how to LOVE INTIMATELY and that His Son, Yeshua, will also demonstrate and that we. as spiritual men and women, have possibly been ignorant of by following our cultural understanding of how a “marriage” should be. It is my conviction that those who have a desire to seek may find answers to the question of why those of us who claim to be spiritual are struggling as the world does with divorce, broken relationships, and unnecessary suffering.\

John 15:13: Greater LOVE has no man than this, that to lay down his life for a friend.

Woman was created to be loved, not lusted after and Men were created to be the ones to Love her. Man was created to be trusted, but women are finding that an impossible endeavor because of so many broken relationships. Women lay down their bodies hoping to find a special love from one man, however, prior experiences make it challenging for the “right” one who comes later in their lives and so women continue to lay down their hearts and rise up only to be broken again. Unfortunately, men pay a price in this too and the women they meet are not able to receive love and so the cycle continues. Who pays?

In the end, God pays. His love is not made full in this cycle of pain. Disillusioned, we either adapt to the status quo or end up lonely, alone, and ignorant to the fact that God’s desire for love was greater. He wanted more for all of us. He still does.

So join me as I take this journey of love. It is not a journey meant to point the finger at any particular gender. The enemy of both spiritual men and women is still ever present. If we keep that in mind, perhaps, we can learn to love greater than we have before. God made us physical, emotional, intellectual, sexual and spiritual beings with a choice. Let us see if we are making our own choices or following the crowd of victims in the endless cycle of pain.

New Look (short post)

For those of you following me, I didn’t want to confuse you. I changed my blog appearance. The top of the page is my first digital painting that I did for the beginning of my book on Intimacy: Face-to-Face with the Beloved. I will be reorganizing my blog site to make it more user-friendly, hopefully.

I will be presenting my view on the love story in Genesis, Chapter 1. It will be in an allegory form so bear with me as I attempt to write what I feel my Father has given me about how He first set the pattern of intimacy and pure love in the beginning. I will ask some questions along the way to see if I am making the story understandable. I would like to ask questions to get some honest answers to the material presented. Well, that’s the plan for now.

Posted a new tab on my blog called End Times. It was written by my recently deceased partner, Rick Mittelstedt, and he asked me to continue to attempt to publish it, so here I go. There are 10 parts to it and I will continue to add parts if there seems to be interest. Please feel free to share with your friends or family.

After nearly thirty years of study, research and archeological digs in the Middle East, Rick had come to some conclusions about what really happened in Eden. He realized many individuals consider the Genesis story a myth. However, even for the skeptical there may be some measure of truth embedded in the story that can explain the human condition in the modern world. The dualism of good and evil is universal and manifests itself in every conceivable creation of man.

We are also aware that the thoughts presented will collide with religious tradition and be controversial for many religious communities. But the discussion is worth the effort.

I am hoping to add the few paintings or drawings Rick was able to complete before his death under End of Days Artwork Tab.Perhaps they will stimulate discussions. I will attempt to add any pertinent explanations with the artwork that might give the viewer a better understanding of why the artist presented the composition he chose. The posts under the “What Really Happened in Eden” category will relate to the origin of man, the relationship between man and woman, and the consequences of the Eden story for men and women in the modern world. Hope to hear from you along the way.

The Challenge: Divine Intimacy



LOVE… It seems that mankind’s unending pursuit is to find fragments of love. 

It is written about in the musings of star-crossed lovers, ill-fated for love that will burn its candle too quickly; of temporary one-night stands, or a vengeful broken-heart; songs are composed that define it as “Crazy-Love,” “First Love,” or “Endless Love,” and describe a wide spectrum of substitutions for love that encompass infatuation, passion, obsession, rejection, fascination and gratification.   It does seem that love’s definition is dependent on the experience of the one being asked to define it.  So we continue to publish books, articles and screenplays in attempts to describe it, educated men and women on TV or radio programs discuss it, we make movies trying to explain or exploit it, we distinguish special days of the year trying to force ourselves to share it…but we never truly experience the fullness of what love can be and should be between man and woman. 

Our unending pursuit should not be the rudiments of love but the fullness of love or intimacy.

If the truth be known the majority of women in this world are never truly fulfilled physically or spiritually.  In their ignorance and complacency, they have accepted the measure of mediocrity of love most men can offer them.  They have been convinced that being the object of lust is their role in the world.  In  the servitude of childbearing, cleaning and cooking, they accept the mundane existence of “taking care of their man.”  They have accepted a married life that is less romantic as years go by.  They have accepted lovemaking and sexual union that is measured in minutes instead of hours or days.  And with no one to encourage, edify or perfect them, they perpetuate through the raising of their children, both male and female, the same pathetic love relationship they have been made to accept by the cruel dominance and authority of cultural traditions.  Of course, some women would deny this is the truth for them, they would publicly proclaim that they know and experience the fullness of love from their men, but in the private moments of their consciousness, they know it is true, even for them.  Even more tragic are women who know it is true and yet feel unable to do anything about it in their relationships.

What about man?  If most men would be truthful, they would admit that they believe women are not their equal.  That woman is somehow or in some way inferior to man.  Of course, man has a great need for love but has been persuaded in his thinking that love is fulfilled primarily in the sexual union with woman. But intimate love can never be based on mutual physical gratification. Intimate love between man and woman is first and foremost a spiritual experience. Most men do not have a clue as to what fulfills or satisfies a woman because they have not themselves experienced the full measure and dimension of a true and pure love. Nor do they know how or where to obtain it. You can never give what you have never received. How many times in counseling have I heard women tell me that their men never talk to them in lovemaking or look into their eyes. Such men know little of intimacy.  Men think of love in particular moments of time when they purchase gifts or complete a checklist of chores meant to satisfy the requests of their women.  These men know little of love.  Intimacy requires not particular moments of time but every moment of time. Most men would say that is absurd, but it is essentially their selfish, self-centered attitude trying to justify preserving time for their hobbies, sports or interests which they have no desire to share with their women.  Many men would say they express their love in providing for the material needs of their women, but this is a mistake.  Material substance can never substitute forever for the intimate, romantic and spiritual needs of a woman.  On the other hand, there are men who would fulfill the need for intimate love within a woman, if they could find a woman who would receive it.

So is it hopeless?  Are men and women destined to never experience the fullness of intimate love throughout their lives?  Are we doomed to experience fragmented moments of love through our years together, but viewing only a mere shadow of what is available from our Creator? No.  There is a way.  The Creator has provided a way.  But it does require man and woman to both admit to their own inadequacies and then seek revelation to correct it.  It is possible to perfect love.  It is possible for both men and women to be completely fulfilled in their experience of love.  This book is written to help show the way to the fullness of love.  It is written to help restore Intimacy between man and woman.  Intimacy is what women yearn for, what men desperately need, and the purpose for which God created us all.